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US SOLUTION- Hybrid Distributed Energy Resources

Utilizing Renewable Energy at the point of use

Efficiently adaptive

Choice applications:

Small Wind Generating Systems- VAWT & HAWT

Solar Systems- Mono/Poly Cristalline, Flex & See through

LED lighting- New & Retrofit projects development

Hybrid- client orientated custom design


Distributed Energy Systems:

Utilizing Renewable Energy at the point of use

Wind Energy for Hydrogen Production

Wind Energy for Water Applications

Wind Energy for Hydropower Applications

To ensure that wind energy plays a long-term role in providing a clean, power source; World lieding R & D Sciantific Teams of Wind Power Utilization Program Developers are exploring innovative applications such as the use of wind energy to produce hydrogen, to clean and move water, and to work in synergy with hydropower, and to provide stable electricity supply.

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